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Platform Technologies

We are Focused on Delivering Life-Changing Therapies to Patients

Kate Therapeutics is leading the way to develop optimal capsid and cargo combinations that address muscle and cardiac diseases in ways that were not previously possible.

Kate Therapeutics is advancing a platform of technologies to evolve and stringently select capsid variants of adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) that enable potent delivery to desired tissues. Using this method, we have identified a class of RGD motif-containing capsids that transduces muscle with superior efficiency and selectivity after intravenous injection in mice and non-human primates. We have demonstrated substantially enhanced potency and therapeutic efficacy of these engineered vectors compared to naturally occurring AAV capsids in animal models.

“...this approach could transform current genetic therapies involving muscle by enabling the use of lower doses or perhaps by allowing increased gene delivery and efficacy at currently used doses.”

Jeffery ChamberlainNew England Journal of Medicine, 2022

New Hope for Patients with Muscle and Heart Disease

Kate Therapeutics is a privately-held company with experienced leadership, a world-class scientific advisory team, and leading investor partners.